Investment Focus

Investment criteria

We are especially interested in industry leading medium-sized companies with a convincing founder or management team. Our investments are often hidden champions in their respective niche markets and typically meet the following criteria:

EUR 5–50m / add-on acquisitions starting at EUR 1m
Invested equity
EUR 5–30 Mio.
Defensible differentiation in a growing market
Potential for consolidation
Attractive growth or consolidation potential within the respective industry
Investment types
Minorities and majorities

Investment strategy

Every company is different. Therefore, no investment situation is the same. We usually invest in one of the following cases and come up with an individual solution – for succession, growth capital, with a minority or majority stake.

Industry focus

We invest across many industries. Our team has significant experience in the following sectors:

  • Industrial manufacturing in niche markets
  • Software
  • Health/Pharmaceuticals
  • Industrial services
  • Direct sales
  • Education

We do not invest in: automotive, real estate, commodities, industries that are subject to strict regulation (such as banks, insurers and utilities), early-stage or startup companies, restructuring situations.

Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch. There are many good reasons for contacting us.