Who we are

Co-entrepreneurs with long-term equity

We have successfully supported German, Austrian and Swiss companies in their sustained growth since 2009. 16 Mittelstand firms and their employees have found a new home with us since then.

Our investors are entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial families and an institutional investor.





Years of




Reliable partner

Success does not happen overnight. It is the result of years of determination, discipline, creativity and passion. We know that from our own experience. Thus, we support our partners with long-term capital and empower them to achieve their goals.

Our team and most of our investors are entrepreneurs. We understand the specific challenges of owner-managed companies. Together with the management teams and our network of industry experts, we help our portfolio companies grow sustainably. We don’t think in quarters. If it takes ten years to reach a jointly established target – then so be it.

Therefore, we refrain from working with typical private equity fund structures constrained by limited  fixed terms and rigid statutes. This flexibility allows us to stay agile and ideally suited as a stable long-term investor.

Specialized in succession planning and financing growth

We invest in SMEs in various industries with passionate entrepreneurs and outstanding products, technologies or services. We enable succession planning, changes in the ownership structure, growth finance and occasionally corporate carve-outs.

More than 100 years of combined experience

The Silver Investment Partners team has extensive and wide-ranging experience in private equity, entrepreneurship and working with SMEs. Together, we have successfully supported numerous companies in effectively growing their business.

What you can expect from Silver Investment Partners

  • A trusting environment and a good new home for your company and employees.  
  • Long-term commitment: We give companies the time they need to fulfil their potential – our capital structure allows us to be patient and stay invested for a long time.
  • Decades of experience in developing and implementing succession plans that create value for companies and are in the best interests of their founders.
  • Opportunities for selling owners and key employees to invest in the company alongside our investors and our team.
  • Entrepreneurial investors base – a valuable network that can support you strategically and in increasing your sales.
  • Utmost confidentiality, responsibility and integrity.
  • Quick decision-making within the team and without the need to involve corporate bodies or outside parties.

In all our investment decisions, we put values and ethics first. Read here, what drives us every day.