In January 2017, Silver Investment Partners acquired leading mineral material manufacturer VARICOR, a company with attractive growth prospects and the perfect complement to our portfolio company Schüschke.

VARICOR was founded in the Alsace region in 1985. Today, 75 employees in France and Germany produce plates, molded parts and finished products made of the mineral material Varicor® for carpenters, the sanitary market and industrial clients. The material is mainly used in aviation and for shop and other interior fittings as well as in the sanitary, industrial and health sectors. In the wake of the covid pandemic, the formula was modified to feature antiviral characteristics – also against coronavirus (it now eliminates over 96% of the virus within 120 minutes).

Our investment Schüschke has been using the material with its unique characteristics for more than 30 years, primarily to produce wash basins for civil aircraft. The two companies are kept as separate entities but join forces to explore new applications for the material and realize attractive growth opportunities together. For example, innovations for aircrafts can be transferred to ships and trains. Research and development capacities are being expanded.

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“Silver Investment Partners had already gained valuable experience in our industry before taking over VARICOR. Therefore, we were able to start realizing synergies and developing the business from the very start of our partnership.“ – Clément Steger, formerly Président VARICOR Holding SAS

SectorIndustrie & Fertigung
EntryFebruary 2017