The acquisition of ALVARA Cash Management Group in September 2018 set the ground for today’s ALVARA Group – a leading provider of customized cash management IT solutions and services. Three add-on acquisitions have followed since.

The mid-cap specialist for cash logistics was founded in Leipzig in 1996. Today, ALVARA has 30 employees and is the only one-stop provider offering fully integrated solutions to all parties involved in the cash management process. Clients include retailers, cash-in-transit companies and financial institutions, mainly in the Germany/Austria/Switzerland region as well as in France. ALVARA’s offering enables clients to better control, automate and monitor the full cash cycle.

As investors, we support the company in continuing its growth strategy and expanding its market coverage. In particular, the expansion of the customer base, the company’s international reach as well as selected add-on acquisitions offer attractive opportunities for further growth.

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In May 2019, ALVARA Group acquired SAFELOGY SAS as well as MLSA SAS, which has in the meantime been merged with SAFELOGY SAS.

In June 2020, ALVARA continued to grow with the acquisition of it Kompetenz, contributing to the further consolidation of the German market for cash cycle software solutions.

In March 2021, the acquisition of it relations complemented ALVARA’s offer with innovative cash register systems.

“I am delighted to have found a reliable partner in Silver Investment Partners, who will help us forge new paths for growth.“ – Bernd Hohlfeld, Founder ALVARA AG

LocationLeipzig (ALVARA)
Marseille (SAFELOGY)
Hamburg (it Kompetenz)
Mainz (it relations)
EntryOctober 2018 (ALVARA)
May 2019 (SAFELOGY)
June 2020 (it Kompetenz)
March 2021 (it relations)