How we work

We create lasting values

We are more than a financial investor. We support our portfolio companies and collaborate with them as a trusted partner. As entrepreneurs, we have the freedom to make quick decisions, allowing us to operate swiftly and with the highest discretion.

Our ambition

We want to create sustainable value. Together with the teams in our portfolio companies, our investors and our network of industry experts. We invest for the long-term, with a clear goal in mind. When our mutual journey comes to an end, we aim to see a bigger, stronger and better company.

Our approach

Strategic development
We see ourselves as co-entrepreneurs, acting as partners and rolling our sleeves up. By building and expanding organizational structures and systems together with the management teams, we develop our investments strategically and set the stage for future growth. We support our partners in their international expansion, strategic acquisitions and recruiting the right talent for key positions.

Operational improvements
We cooperate closely with the management team and our network to identify opportunities for improvement in the areas of sales, production, human resources, quality, IT, financial planning and controlling. We do not believe in complex financial engineering and the extensive use of debt. Instead, we want to take the right actions that reliably lay the foundation for years to come.

Professional teamwork
We believe that employee ownership fosters great teamwork. Senior employees and advisory board members are offered attractive opportunities to acquire stakes in their company. All SIP team members invest significant financial resources in our portfolio companies. Selling owners often reinvest in a minority stake as well. Hence, everyone profits when the company is successful.

Valuable network
Our portfolio companies gain access to selected industry specialists and other entrepreneurs, who can offer new perspectives, based on their extensive experience. In addition to our comprehensive network, we have a pro-active investor base, bringing true added value into our partnerships.

Tailored financing concepts
Capital should never be the limiting factor when it comes to realizing growth plans. We provide equity capital that allows for entrepreneurial flexibility and, guided by the principle of financial stability and a conservative use of leverage, we develop tailored financing solutions for each company to support the individual strategy.