Lucien Ortscheit

In May 2020, Silver Investment Partners bought a majority stake in Lucien Ortscheit GmbH (Ortscheit), a leading specialty pharmaceuticals distributor, focusing on unlicensed medicines.

Lucien Ortscheit GmbH was founded in 1963 in Saarbrücken and acquired by the Kloos family in 2002 who turned it into a leading distributor of unlicensed medicines and comparator drugs for clinical trials. Ortscheit’s product offering bridges the delays in initial drug registrations or in case of supply shortages in certain markets. It allows for patients with rare diseases to receive treatments that are not (yet) approved in their respective country. The company has a broadly diversified and loyal customer base, including thousands of clients from more than 60 countries.

Silver Investment Partners is supporting Ortscheit to build on its strong position and expand its market coverage as well as its product range and selective domestic and international add-on acquisitions are being pursued.

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“I am pleased that, with Silver Investment Partners, we have found an entrepreneurial and long-term oriented partner. Collectively, we can prepare the ground for an orderly succession process for Ortscheit, secure the location for our employees and realize all new growth opportunities. “ – Kurt Kloos, Managing Partner Lucien Ortscheit GmbH

SectorSpecialy pharamceuticals distribution
EntryMay 2020