Our approach to creating value

Our investment approach follows a solid strategy for the creation of long-term and sustainable value: the founders and owners of Silver Investment Partners contribute significant amounts of equity financing to every transaction. For each transaction, equity capital is structured from a pool of selected entrepreneurs, as well as family offices and family-and-friends programs. Investors thus enjoy maximum flexibility and decision-making power. In addition, Silver Investment Partners provides its portfolio companies with consistent access to a network of active entrepreneurs and industry experts who provide additional impulses for the further development of the company and also often hold an equity stake. This ensures that our investors indentify themselves far more closely with their portfolio companies than is the case for a classical private equity fund.


Financing structures 

Silver Investment Partners is convinced that the creation of genuine value to the company is much more dependent on strategic expertise and extensive experience than financial restructuring. Consistent with our role as co-owner, the reasonable and appropriate use of debt capital is a key element in the conservative financing structures adopted by Silver Investment Partners. 
This conservative financing structure provides Silver Investment Partners’ portfolio companies with a high degree of security and the flexibility to achieve pre-defined growth targets with the help of a jointly formulated strategy. In addition, we provide additional equity capital for add-on acquisitions and capital expenditure.


Improving operating performance

Together with management and Silver Investment Partners’ network, we identify potential and establish the framework to develop this potential over the investment horizon. Instead of financial acrobatics aimed at realizing maximum returns, we support management in defining and implementing measures that create real additional value in areas such as sales and distribution, marketing, production, quality, logistics, personnel, financial planning and controlling.